Today, more than 60% of marketers run interactive virtual events to keep their audience engaged. What’s more, is that the global market size of virtual events is more than around $78 billion. The virtual event market will continue to grow at 23.2% CAGR until 2027.

More and more organizations are now investing in creating virtual events for social and team-building efforts. One of the hallmarks of virtual events is that planners and venue organizers can all be part of the virtual event at the same time.

When it comes to virtual events, you’d be surprised to learn about the extent of creative ideas. Without further ado, let’s look at the 8 major virtual event ideas that you’ve (probably) never heard of:

1. Industry Thought leadership Symposium

Although there is nothing wrong with webinars, they have become old-fashioned. Ideally, you should opt for a thought leadership symposium in your industry. Not to mention hosting a thought leadership virtual event would cost significantly less than an in-person event. You can invite clients, industry experts, successful CEOs, and other key speakers to the virtual event.

This is especially true for emerging trends within your industry. Think of how artificial intelligence may be impacting the healthcare or software industry or how crypto or blockchain is sweeping the financial markets. Providing a forum for thought leaders to get in front of these trends can send a powerful signal about your brand

Finally, the cost is minimal compared to in-person events. You can dispense with the expensive hotel meeting suites and focus on delivering a great forum. 

2. Product Showcase

Virtual events are perfect for product launches. From online retail to tech giants, many companies now showcase their products through virtual events. In fact, showcasing products throughout the pandemic crisis made more sense for firms and demonstrated how they could reach a wider geographical audience.

You can even set up virtual booths and focus on a specific product or service. You can take your time and build a robust list of speakers for the virtual event. You can even ask the clients to talk about how your product or service managed to solve their problem. 

3. Internal Career Day

That’s right – an internal career day is a thing in 2021. From small businesses to large corporations, internal career day serves as a way to promote employees. Typically, internal career day virtual events are quite straightforward. Figure out what departments have career opportunities and invite them to participate.  

You can invite personnel from different departments of the company to showcase their department and present what opportunities are available. Built-in video conference options on event platforms allow for one-on-one time for all participants. 

4. External Career Day

Recruitment continues to become an expensive endeavor for companies. In order to cut costs, companies now host external career days to attract potential talented candidates for different positions and levels.

It is quite easy to host an external career day – the company just needs to set up a virtual hiring booth to advertise the positions available. The HR department or hiring managers or both can be on hand to chat with attendees. You can use an event platform for 1-on-1 discussions with potential candidates too.

5. Sales Acceleration Events

In sales acceleration virtual events, sales teams talk about annual sales strategies to move forward in the right direction. The idea is to plan the right sales tactics ahead of time and help the company render the most profits.

Also, it allows sales teams to share more ideas throughout the virtual event and share trending sales approaches that might work in the interest of the company. So, if you have a diverse sales team from different parts of the country or world, hosting a virtual event would be ideal. 

6. Company Day

Traditionally, only the most profitable and biggest companies could afford to get every staff member together and celebrate in the conference room. Fortunately, businesses of all shapes and sizes can now also celebrate company day through virtual events.

7. Project Poster Halls

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies host internal poster sessions virtually. The objective of hosting project poster hall events is to showcase presentations and conduct online Q&A sessions. Researchers, students, and academics can create interactive virtual posters such as PDFs or slides that give more chances for engagement with these posters as well.

8. University Open Days

Reputable academic institutes host university open days to introduce potential new students. It also commemorates and honors an educational institute’s best and the brightest minds. For instance, most universities have a dedicated 24/7 annual virtual environment that showcases student work, the university’s research work, and alumni connections throughout the virtual event.

The Bottom Line

In the digital age, there is a heightened focus on communication, information exchange, and team-building efforts. Modern virtual events can have specific or high audience attendance. And whether you have a few thousand or a few hundred attendees, you have the freedom to run the virtual event for hours or days.

From product showcases to company day celebrations, virtual events can be so much creative and memorable than businesses realize. In fact, organizational culture can dictate the style and branded appeal of the virtual event.

Using for these virtual event ideas is flexible and can be as large or small as you need it to be. By using our platform, we can help you with any of the above virtual event ideas or for anything else you have in mind. We can provide you with an engaging platform for hiring new candidates, and we can help you celebrate your company’s success over the past year in a sales meeting. Regardless of your idea or needs, our team and platform can help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.