Creating a virtual event that engages and inspires your attendees is no small feat. With its experienced event team that has run dozens of live and virtual events over the past 5 years, and its customizable platform makes it feel easy.

In December 2020, ODSC APAC used to host its data science training conference and its Virtual AI Expo and Demo Hall. ODSC APAC brought together 1,500 attendees, 12 partners, and 50 expert speakers for two days of learning, sharing, and networking supported by

To create an engaging and intimate learning environment, ODSC APAC’s tutorials and talks utilized’s extensive presentation features to create a frictionless virtual experience that minimizes technical distractions, including:

  • Seamless transitions between chat and video
  • Screen sharing and video streaming options
  • Video recording
  • Meeting invites

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At the AI Virtual Expo and Demo Hall, ODSC APAC’s partners took advantage of’s interactive booths that encourage active participation from and one-on-one interaction with attendees with features, such as 

  • Custom booth branding
  • A variety of booth setups to choose from 
  • Integrated live chat feature 
  • Document and video sharing features

Over the course of the Expo, our partners collected up to approximately 1100 leads. demo booth example

Finally,’s networking lounge made ODSC APAC feel even more like an in-person event. With topic-focused chat channels, the lounge makes it easy to find and gather with attendees who share one’s interest. At ODSC APAC, there were dedicated channels for Data Visualization, Deep Learning & Machine Learning, NLP, Women in AI, and MLOps and Data Engineering, among others. With no upper limit, you can have as many dedicated channels as you want for your virtual event. virtual networking lounge

As a fully customizable platform, eventX can be used for any type of virtual event, including, but not limited to:

User Conferences │ Corporate Events │ Trade Shows │ Expo Events │ Virtual Career Fairs │ Product Launches │ Thought Leadership Summits │ Sales Acceleration Events │ University Job Fairs │ University Open Days │ Team Training │ Team Building

To learn more about’s capabilities, schedule a platform demo here.